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Colour Confident: Adding Colour to a Garden Wall, Explore Ideas and the Right Paint Colour

The perfect colour for your garden wall is an easy choice when you consider it to be a changeable item you can easily redecorate every so often.

With Bauwerk Colour lime wash paint any rendered or brick or block wall is easily transformed, just remove any surface dust and paint straight on the masonry. No undercoat or sealer, just two or three quick applications of colour.

No worries about scraping back previous layers of Bauwerk paint, they do not blister or peel off, they just wear thinner and acquire a lovely patina as time goes on. Touch up or change the mood by using another colour next time.

Bauwerk Colour lime wash paints are natural and will not contaminate your ground water, or harm your soil, it’s liquid calcium carbonate, created by sea shells many moons ago.

Credit for some images goes to Mon Palmer, Ascher Smith Garden Designer and Ingrid Wier Graden.