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Bauwerk Colour Lime Wash Paint - Rottnest Island

Bauwerk Paint – How it Works

Unlike film forming paints, such as acrylic, Bauwerk paints have the ability to fossilise within an absorbent substrate without any reduction on the ability of the walls to breathe.

Bauwerk paints are highly permeable, by a factor of 6000 when compared to other paints and draws out moisture from larger to smaller pore structures in a masonry render assembly through a capillary action. The moisture is drawn to the surface where it can freely evaporate. Rain on the other hand, will only reach the outmost part of the wall as the reverse of capillary action will hinder any further penetration.

The ultra low surface tension of Bauwerk lime paint does not allow the build up of soluble salts behind a surface layer. The paint is designed to act like the outer layer of human skin and will over time simple wear thinner, thus shedding any surface contamination in the process. Any redecoration is a simple process of reapplication without the need to to strip previously applied coats. With Bauwerk paints, buildings regain an equilibrium with the surrounding environment. This is necessary for the protection of the health of the built environment.

The preservation of all heritage structures requires a good understanding of the complex relationships between materials, finishes and their environment. The importance of permeable paint systems cannot be underestimated for the long term survival and health of most historic structures and their aesthetic expression.

Bauwerk colour was able to reverse the the build up of excessive moisture and restore the original aesthetic, which was entirely lost. With further application of lime paint the colours and appearance just gets better. Maintenance of lime wash paints is relatively simple ass actions can be touched up as required with no environmental impact. Touch ups add to the longevity and patina of the finish.

The ‹limewash’ aesthetic has a lot more interest and character than acrylic paint and is part of the history of Rottnest. The buildings finished with lime wash paint over the last six years have been very successful in terms of durability of the paint and the underlying condition of the wall.

Domenic Chiappalone, Architect
Oldfield Knott Architects