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Colour Card – Onyx


Bauwerk Colour Cards are hand painted and come in a large format card 10.5 cm x 15 cm to make it really easy to get a good feel for how your colours will really look on the wall.

ONYX Can lime paint be black? As black as Onyx? Surprise everyone with an deeply embracing interior colour with a warm natural and nuanced black. Made with the finest natural black pigment this lime wash paint colour redefined the darkest colour spectrum with lime wash paints.

ONYX - this is our darkest deepest black colour. Lighter version is Jet. Lighter again is Slate. Lighter again is Seal Rocks. Lighter again is Riverstone.

It is a good idea to look at your colours in the location you expect to paint, colours appear different in different light conditions interior or exterior.

Hold your colour card vertical up against the wall as this can also effect how you see the colour. We recommend that you always trial your colour with a Sample Pot to be sure the colour appears as you imagine it will on your wall.